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Pigeons Farm - Cambridgeshire

July 26, 2017

The experience and skill of independent construction company, Richardson and Peat, in delivering turnkey solutions for complex building projects, proved crucial in facilitating the stunning transformation of a derelict barn into an education centre specially-designed for adults with autism and learning needs.

Pigeons Farm, a 22-acre site in Thorney, Cambridgeshire, comprises a 19th century farmhouse and an assortment of barns and outbuildings. In February 2017, Richardson and Peat was selected by clients Kisimul Group, which provides education and care services for children and adults with complex learning difficulties, to restore one of the properties as part of a large-scale redevelopment of the site.

The project’s first phase involved the conversion of a derelict barn into an adult education centre for adults with autism. Richardson and Peat’s experience in supplying similar schemes on behalf of the National Autistic Society to help integrate autistic children into mainstream schools helped secure its selection for the Pigeons Farm renovation.

The barn’s existing structure was left intact during the three-month refurbishment, whilst its interior was completely gutted, re-insulated and fitted with specialist features such as lighting and colour-coordinated learning areas which were completed to specialist education standards throughout.

Martin Peat, Commercial Director at Richardson and Peat, said: “Projects such as Pigeons Farm require different design decisions to be made every day. Thanks to our experience in designing and building specialist education facilities, the client was aware of our ability to absorb and implement new ideas very quickly. Time was our biggest challenge at Pigeons Farm, and making sure the project was completed to the client’s deadline. We met this comfortably, as our experience meant we were able to make the correct design and build decisions at the crucial time.”

From planning and design through to construction, Richardson and Peat oversaw every stage of the Pigeons Farm project which resulted in a dilapidated farm building’s repurposing as a safe, comfortable  education centre capable of housing 30 adults with extreme learning difficulties.