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Offsite Construction

Richardson & Peat employs the latest offsite construction techniques to help deliver projects spanning education, health, commercial and private construction. The company makes and supplies Structural Insulation Panels (SIPS) as well stick frames for every eventuality.

Delivered as part of Richardson & Peat’s bespoke turnkey construction service, helping save costs and time on building projects large and small, the panels can also be offsite manufactured to exact specification on request. Offsite construction contributes a number of benefits to the building industry as a whole; as it’s been proven to enable reduction in waste materials, shorter build times and an improved quality of build.  

With offsite manufacturing, less materials and staff are required on-site, leading to a quieter, less polluted local working environment. Its offsite facility provides another outstanding example of Richardson & Peat’s successful adoption of new and innovative building techniques, ensuring its renown as a firm capable of applying diligence and hard-earned traditional values to the fast-paced, ever-changing demands of 21st century construction.

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For Airtight Buildings - Mind the Gap

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