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Design & Build

As well as being experts in new-build, refurbishments, commercial and residential construction, Richardson & Peat provides a bespoke, one-stop-shop service, taking care of the whole building process - from planning through to completion. 

There are few more stressful events in life than moving house, or most significantly - embarking on a journey to build one. It’s a potential minefield of a venture, which if not handled correctly, can lead to the “dream property” becoming a cost-heavy, time-consuming nightmare. In Richardson & Peat’s skilled, experienced hands, the burdensome aspects of house-building are completely removed. 

The company offers a full range of construction services including design and planning - which is carried out in conjunction with its in-house architect and consultants - product engineering, and ensuring a building meets all stipulated environmental conditions. Richardson & Peat also provides a costings service with every future expense itemised in the form of a professional, easy-to-read quotation. From the blank piece of paper on which the original design was planned, to the moment the client is handed the keys to their newly-built property, Richardson & Peat will service the whole project’s every step - an all-in-one, cost-effective, stress-free solution to the new-build process.

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For Airtight Buildings - Mind the Gap

For Airtight Buildings - Mind the Gap

Air leakage in the form of a draught within a building’s fabric is usually easy to detect...

Steve Richardson | November 30, 2017

Farmhouse Renovation Takes More Than Building Expertise

Farmhouse Renovation Takes More Than Building Expertise

Farmhouse renovation, fuelled by initiatives such as the government’s Permitted Development Scheme, has seen derelict outbuildings restored as stylish homes comprising modern trimmings.

Matt Troiano | October 31, 2017

The Benefits of Passive House Outweigh the Challenges

The Benefits of Passive House Outweigh the Challenges

Passive House is regarded as one of the best standards to reflect ultra-efficient building performance but do the benefits outweigh the challenges?

Martin Peat, Director - Richardson & Peat | October 1, 2017